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Jonathan Hoare

E-mail address: cuogc-president@srcf.net

Hi, I'm Jonathan and I'm a third year materials scientist at Gonville and Caius. I've been doing gymnastics since I was six and I used to be competitive at tumbling. I joined the club in my first year and really enjoyed training for all apparatus and learning new skills. I've been on the A team both years and was captain last year which was enormous fun, so I wanted to stay involved with the club as much as I could. I have a level 2 coaching qualification so I'm the club's head coach as well, but everyone works together to help each other train and improve skills. I've loved all the socials and made some really good friends with the people at CUOGC - it's one of the best clubs doing the best sport so come along and try it out!

Women's Captain

Elise Chang

E-mail address: cuogc-womenscaptain@srcf.net

Hi! I'm Elise, a second year NatSci at Newnham. I've been a gymnast for as long as I can remember, competing at a regional and national level for many years before taking a break prior to University. During my time out, I took on more coaching responsibilities at my club and also gained a judging qualification. Training and competing with CUOGC in my first year was an amazing experience; I'm so glad that I took the chance to return to the sport. The incredibly supportive training and social environment of the club provides an ideal respite from the hectic Cambridge student lifestyle. Gymnastics can seem like an intimidating sport to join, especially as an adult, but University is the perfect time to try! Beginners always have their own different strengths which help them to achieve skills more easily than they ever would've thought, and the challenges become enjoyable too. As Women's Captain, I'm looking forward to giving our members as fun and safe a training experience as ever and making the best of what looks to be a slightly different year for us all. Can't wait to welcome you all into the CUOGC family!

Men's Captain

Eric Legresley

E-mail address: cuogc-menscaptain@srcf.net

Hailing from the frozen wasteland that is Canada, I completed my undergraduate degree in Biochemistry at the University of Oxford in 2019. After being heavily involved with the gym club there for 4 years (2 of which as Men's captain), I decided to defect to Cambridge in 2020 to complete a combined Medical degree and PhD (and to finally win the Gymnastics Men's varsity match). I look forward to leading the Cambridge Men's team to its uncountably large consecutive win in the Varsity match (but who knows... maybe I'm a double agent). However, this year one of my main focuses will certainly be to help bring some fresh blood into the club and onto the teams; compensating for some of the great talent we've lost to the inevitably of graduation (Jack - please do a Master's degree). All joking aside, I very much look forward to working with gymnasts, both experienced and inexperienced, to get the best that we can out of what is certain to be a logistically challenging year!


Louisa Snape

E-mail address: cuogc-secretary@srcf.net

Hello! I'm Louisa, a third year NatSci. I joined the gym club as a fresher, without much previous gymnastics experience, looking to switch to a more exciting sport. I'm so glad I did and have not been disappointed! The gym club has provided a brilliant environment to maintain fitness levels in a fun way while getting to work on new gymnastics skills and meet great people. Gym is also an amazing distraction from all things work-related it's very hard to think about much else while spinning through the air or being buried in a foam pit...! No matter if you're a pro or a complete newbie, I've found you will be made welcome at CUOGC. Everyone is really friendly and there are many available sources when in need of help to tackle new moves. Whether it's weekly training sessions, exploring some of the (very fun) competition opportunities available, or even just the prospect of socials that interests you the gym club definitely has something for everyone. Get in touch if you have any questions about memberships and it'd be great to see you at a session :)


Samuel Goldsmith

E-mail address: cuogc-treasurer@srcf.net

Hello! I'm Sam, a 3rd year Vet Student at Downing. I picked up gymnastics at university, having trained when I was younger, but it had been 9 years so I was essentially learning from scratch again! The gymnastics club has been an amazing way to keep fit whilst at university and also act as a distraction from the stress of the intense workload. Anyone from complete beginners to world champions can join the club and be a part of the incredible community we have here, hopefully see you soon in the gym :)

Safety and Equipment

Eloise Matthews

E-mail address: cuogc-HS@srcf.net

Hi, I'm Eloise, a second year natural scientist (particularly focusing on Earth sciences) at St Catharine's College. I've done gymnastics since I was 7 years old and I also coached at another local club throughout Sixth Form, so gymnastics is a huge part of my life and I was so happy to be able to join such a fun and friendly club at University. It's been a really great way to make friends in other years and at other colleges at the training and socials, as well as keep fit during the busy terms, so I'd really encourage you to come along even if you are a complete beginner. You never know what cool tricks you may soon be able to do! As Safety and Equipment Officer this year, I'm responsible for risk assessments and equipment checks amongst other things, so feel free to contact me with any concerns in that area.

Social Secretary

Millie Preece

E-mail address: cuogc-socialsec@srcf.net

Hi there! I'm Millie and I'm a third year studying PBS at Jesus College. Even before coming to Cambridge I was so excited to get involved with the gym club as I wanted to get back into it despite having not done any gymnastics for over 5 years. I was surprised by how easy it is to pick up even when starting again from scratch and I've loved each and every session as everyone is so helpful and lovely! Last year I competed in my first varsity competition on the womens B team which was a great experience. I'm really excited to be on the committee this year as social secretary and look forward to getting everyone together for some amazing gymnastics socials as they're a great break from Cambridge life :)

Performance Officer

Lilli Pierret

E-mail address: cuogc-performance@srcf.net

Hi, I'm Lili and I'm a 6th year medical student. I joined CUOGC as a fresher, and have been on the committee in various positions for the past 4 years, including President in my second year. This year I am the club's performance officer! I've done acrobatic gymnastics since I was very young, but took a 2 year break before uni. Once I joined CUOGC I had to start fresh learning how to do artistic gymnastics, and I've competed in the women's A team at Varsity in all 5 years I've been here. I absolutely love being part of the gym club as everyone is so friendly, and it's a great way to stay fit whilst taking a break from the intensity of uni work. I really encourage anyone to come and try out gymnastics, whether you are a complete beginner or a pro gymnast - there'll be something for you to do! See you at gym :)

Publicity Officer

Tory Leeman

E-mail address: cuogc-publicity@srcf.net

Hi! I'm Tory and I'm a fith year VetMed. I joined gym as a fresher having not really done much before, apart from a bit of trampolining, but everyone in the club was really welcoming and supportive so I'm really glad I gave it a go! The Cambridge life can be a bit hectic and so gym is a great way to take a break and do something fun and different from your studies. I'm the publicity officer this year, so it's my job to keep our social media presence up. Overall the gymnasts are a really fun, friendly bunch so it's a great club to join!

Male and Non-Binary Welfare Officer

Ross Brown

E-mail address: cuogc-welfare@srcf.net

Heya! I'm Ross, a third year ChemEng at Robinson. I started gymnastics at the start of my second year, not even able to touch my toes! Having done it for a year, and I am sooo happy that I chose to do gymnastics. Everything from the training to the socials are so welcoming and fun! As the male and non-binary welfare officer, please message be by any means with concerns you have; both inside and outside the club. I'll do my best to help, and if I can't, I will signpost you to someone who can.

Female and Non-Binary Welfare Officer

Hanna Martin

E-mail address: cuogc-welfare@srcf.net

Hi, I'm Hanna, a second year PhD student at the Whittle Lab. I'm really excited to be one of the two welfare officers for this year. Your welfare officers are the first port of call for wellbeing issues within the club, so if you have any concerns inside or outside the gym, no matter how big or small, please get in touch! You can either email us, or talk to us directly. We'll do our best to help you out, or signpost you to a place where you can get more advice, and rest assured we won't share anything you tell us with anyone else in the gym club. One of my main aims for this year is to organise a number of welfare socials complete with home-baked goods.


Hanna Martin

E-mail address: cuogc-webmaster@srcf.net

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