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We are currently running pay as you go sessions at the sports centre on Tuesdays and Sundays. They cost £1, and to attend you will need to sign up beforehand, which you will be able to do by joining our mailing list (which you can do here, or by emailing our secretary). We do not charge a yearly membership for this academic year, but if you attend more than two sessions you will need to register as one of our members and get insurance by obtaining a British Gymnastics membership (see also our Membership tab). Please bring a mask to training. The committee have been working hard with the sports centre to come up with a feasible plan to allow as many people as possible to train. For this reason, we will be operating with the advance sign-up system with a cap on numbers to allow appropriate social distancing. Gymnasts will sign up to be in a group of 6 that will rotate around the equipment, with the equipment that each group will access will being detailed on the sign-up sheet to make it easier for you to train the pieces that you want. It is likely that 2 groups will train parallel bars and pommel horse (which are usually male events), the other 2 training beam (usually for women) and all 4 groups having access to the floor. For fairness, we are going to have a sign-up sheet cut-off time, after which you are committed to attending the session (By signing up (after the deadline for withdrawal as passed) you are committing to pay the cost of 1 even if you find you cannot attend the session) and we will contact anyone on the waiting list if there have been any earlier cancellations. The cut-off will be 2 hours before the session on Tuesday (6pm) and 10pm on Saturday in advance of the session on Sunday morning. For this reason, if you sign up to the waiting list (if all the spots have already been filled), there is an option to indicate a preference for which of the groups of 6 you would like to be in.

How do we train?

We are a group of self-coached gymnasts of skill levels ranging from complete beginners to competitive gymnasts. Accordingly, average attendance of our training sessions varies from every once in a while to several times a week. Whilst doing gymnastics is in all probability the best method for conditioning we also tend to do an (additional) circuits/conditioning session once a week. While gymnastics is a competitive sport and we do tend to get ambitions at least when it comes to the annual competition against the Oxford teams, we generally understand the ultimate aim to be to experiment, progress individually, relax from academic work and have fun in our free time.

When do we train?

Training takes place at the University Sports Centre.
Training times are 10am to 12pm on Sundays and 8pm to 10pm on Tuesdays .

Where do we train?

University Sports Centre
While the Sports Centre is all new and shiny we have only got minimal gym equipment including some basic floor mats, parallel bars, a pommel horse, a low and a high beam, a trampette and several springboards. Nonetheless it is perfectly suited for staying in shape, conditioning and practicing some core skills on the above apparatuses.

External sessions
Usually we also attend (and organise transport to) training sessions at fully equipped facilities at Huntingdon gymnastics club, Cambridge gymnastics club and Marriotts gymnastics club. Unfortunately, due to social distancing guidelines we are unable to provide transport this term, gymnasts are more than welcome to attend of their own accord as Huntingdon and Cambridge are still running adult sessions: Huntingdon on a Monday and Wednesday from 8-9:30pm for at £10.75 Cambridge on a Monday from 7:45-8:45 at £9 this is also cycling distance from Cambridge city centre, but not you have to sign up in advance. We are very happy to answer questions about any of these external sessions and we hope to be able to go back to training as a club in the future!

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